Mission Patches

Over the course of your two years in confirmation at Bethel, you will have many opportunities to grow and explore your faith! This is worth celebrating!

On this page, you can see the list of patches you can earn and the requirements for each patch. Once you have completed the requirements, you may fill out a “Mission Patch Form”, in which you may describe the way you met the requirements and how it grew or challenged your faith.

The patches you earn will be ironed onto your red confirmation sash, which you will wear on your Confirmation Sunday over your blue robe.

The Luther Rose Patch. This is the final patch. Complete the confirmation requirements by your Confirmation Sunday of the beginning of your 9th grade year.

The Arts & Expression Patch. Learn guitar through our group guitar lessons, play your instrument in a worship service, or really dig into an art project we work on in confirmation. Make something to express on the outside what is going on inside your Spirit.

The Mentor Patch. Become a mentor to a 5th/6th grader. This will include taking the mentor training, attending special mentorship events, writing letters back and forth with your mentee (dates TBD).

The Sermon Notes Patch. Tune in. Attend church services with your family. Complete Pastor Mike’s sermon outlines.

The Prayer and Meditation Patch. Learn how to pray and meditate. Discover a spiritual practice that is unique and special to you.

The Social Justice Patch. Attend a march or a rally for a social justice cause. Or, participate in one of Bethel’s ACTJAM events.

The Inter-Faith Patch. Connect with people of different faiths. Attend an inter-faith youth event with Muslim and Jewish youth (date TBD).

The Bethel Retreat Patch. Go on the confirmation retreat to Bethel Horizons! This year we have a Winter Retreat: Friday December 17th-Sunday December 19th.

The Acolyte Patch. Participate in the life of the church. Take the acolyte training, and sign-up to acolyte once every 3 months.

The Acts of Service Patch. Find a service project to get involved in that you feel passionate about (at church, in your community, or start your own!).

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